Application of Short Erasure Correcting Codes for Opportunistic Spectrum Access and Cognitive Radio MAC

Mr. Muhammad Moazam Azeem, Orange-Labs, France Telecom, Paris, France

Context Aware Computing for Next Generation Wireless Networks

Prof. Dr. Prithiviraj Venkatapathy, Pondicherry University, India

Distributed Mobility for Future Mobile Internet

Dr. H Anthony Chan, Huawei Technologies, USA

Dynamic Spectrum Access: A Survey

Dr. Subir Das, Applied Communication Sciences, USA

How to Synchronize Carrier and Timing Loops in Digital Modems; Someone has to do it!

Prof. Dr. fred harris, San Diego State University, USA

Low Overhead Communication Mechanism for Constrained Sensor Gateway in IoT

Mrs Soma Bandyopadhyay, TATA Consultancy Services, India

ZigBee Wireless Sensor and Control Network

Prof. Dr. Ata Elahi, Southern Connecticut State University, USA